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Happiness is the energy of the heart. Every day,
engage in something that brings you joy.

Spend a moment with this thought, and ask yourself:

What makes me feel truly good?


  • You may have an inner knowing of what your life purpose is and you’ve been ignoring the signs—they are waiting for you to notice. Perhaps you are scared, or you don’t feel you deserve what is good.

    At one time, these fears and thoughts were all true for me, and for years I had been trying different paths; there were some that worked and others that did not. Figuring out your life purpose is the journey that brings you to a place of deep understanding and honoring of yourself. Learn more…

  • The “Feel Inspired Now” cards arose out of Bonnie’s own personal response to inspiration.  Her vibrant photography along with a carefully chosen word on the front, which is then thoughtfully matched to an inspirational message on the back.

    By intuitively choosing a card, you are provided with inspiring guidance for the day. Learn more….

  • People call me the Sunflower Artist because I’ve photographed so many of them and also self-published a book about my experience in a field with 350,000 giant sunflowers. Now people who know me and see a sunflower think of me, I feel honored. It makes me happy. I love bringing joy to people. I feel it is my purpose to share my photographs, artwork, and love of nature with people. Sunflowers have brought me such joy over the years especially when life challenges happen. The one thing that could always make me happy and feel good instantly was looking at a photograph of a sunflower and even better was being in a sunflower field with them. Learn more…

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